Flavors of Nayarit. The Undiscovered Treasure of Mexico (English) takes you to the very heart of Nayarit. It begins with a Brief History of the Cooking and Table of Nayarit, to then take you to the Ingredients Nayarits Choice, Prepared Products, It continues to tell 150 stories of people intermingle in recipes, each one illustrated with the final dish. The recipes are divided in four sections: With a Taste of the Sea, Our Mountain Cuisine, The High Plain and the Capital of Nayarit and Nayarit Fusion. 


Each section is introduced with the stories of the research, illustrated with beautiful pictures of faces, landscapes and processes. In With the Taste of the Sea you will find the ways of life of the fishermen, their process of fishing and their daily lives. In Our Mountain Cuisine, you can find some of the Cora and Huichol rituals around corn. While in The High Plain and the Capital of Nayarit and the Nayarit Fusion, you will find a brief introduction on the history of the gastronomy in these regions.



Characteristics of the edition: 

Text, research and managing editor: Alondra C. Maldonado Rodriguera.

Photography: Roberto Zepeda and Enrique Correa.

Pages: 288

Cover: Hard

Paper: Couché mate 

Printing: 4 color offset printing