Flavors of Nayarit. The Undiscovered Treasure of Mexico.

“You wrecked my sleep last night. I read your entire book; I couldn’t put it down. I was entirely unprepared, however, to read what is truly a collection of love stories.” Joseph Ryan

“I stayed up late to go through every page of this cookbook. Chef Alondra Maldonado educates and makes the seemingly inaccessible accessible. Hats off to her for bringing the culinary and cultural riches of the Mexican state of Nayarit to the greater public. I am not surprised by all the awards.” Jody Noble

Flavors of Nayarit. The Undiscovered Treasure of Mexico, is a great contribution to the legacy and survival of authentic native-regional cuisine, giving this heritage a forceful new presence in the world. The book, and the history it contains, are marvelous and you (Chef Alondra) have my first prize for giving it to the world. Well done!” Gordon G Verburg

“It is Nayarit´s Michelin Guide”. Bernardo González Huezo.

Flavors of Nayarit. The Undiscovered Treasure of Mexico reveals Nayarit’s uniqueness, although it contains 150 recipes easy to follow with ingredients found around the world, it is much more than a cookbook, it is a cultural journey to the heart of Nayarit and its history.

It is Chef Alondra Maldonado Rodriguera´s search after her native state of Nayarit´s traditional cuisine. She traveled along with photographer Roberto Zepeda, together they drove over 2800 miles, visited 45 towns, the 20 Municipalities of Nayarit and interviewed over 240 people.

She shared sacred and secular celebrations, plunged into chores realizing that the value of a product is in its making, Chef Maldonado describes with great dignity the fisherman who goes out in the half-light before dawn to support his family, the miraculous bread seller, the generous grandmother, those who make tortillas, the coast dwellers, mountain people, the women that feed their family and the rituals around corn of the native peoples of Nayarit. The value of a work is measured by its feelings, and this book, Flavors of Nayarit. The Undiscovered Treasure of Mexico is an embrace that awakens the deepest loves.


The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards have been compared to the “Oscars” for film. Their objective is to reward and honor those who “cook with words”, to increase knowledge of, and respect for, food and wine culture, which promotes peace, and to help readers to find the best cookbooks.

Flavors of Nayarit. The Undiscovered Treasure of Mexico has been awarded in several categories as, Best Local Cuisine, Best First Book and Best Historical Recipe Cookbook for Mexico. It was also awarded: The Best Historical Recipe Cookbook in the World, in China in 2015, and The Best of the Best 20th and 25th anniversary awards in 2015 and again in 2020. And won Best English Translation in Mexico and in the World.

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